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1. ‘_________‘ is Helen? ‘She is my sister.’

2. I __________ to work by train.

3. ‘Good night.’ ‘Sleep __________!’

4. Are there _________ glasses on the table?

5. I like my English classes – but it isn’t a(n) ________ language to learn!

6. You _______________ John last week.

7. I ____________ playing football at 5 p.m. because it started to rain.

8. Who is Tim’s father?

9. __________ you draw when you ________four?

10. Read and choose the correct anwser.

Hi Yoshi

How are you? I’m fine. Here’s an email in English. It’s good practice for you and me!
I have classes in English at the Boston Language School. I live in a small house with two other people: Judy and Victor. He is a doctor and she is a salesman. They are from the USA and they speak very fast, but they are very friendly! Judy’s aunt is my English teacher. She’s great!
The house isn’t cheap but it’s beautiful. It’s not in the city centre, and I go to school by bus. The restaurants are expensive in Boston but the cafés are cheap. I really like the food!

Write to me soon – I want to learn about Cambridge.



1. Junko is in Boston.

2. Judy is a teacher.

3. Victor is a salesman.

4. The house isn’t horrible.

5. The food is bad.