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1. Kate isn’t very interested _______ motor racing. She thinks it is boring.

2. My friend scares me because he _________.

3. We went to a concert last night. I __________.’

4. Who do you think is the _________ actress in Hollywood?

5. Cars should always stop at a ___________ crossing if someone wants to cross.

6. Ivan was really hungry, but he couldn’t find __________ to eat.

7. Why is Russel ____________ ? Because he is going to have a test on Monday.

8. Paul likes travelling and he _________ many interesting places so far in his life.

9. Excuse me! We want the train to Budapest. Which ________ does it leave from?

10. Review of a local restaurant

The new restaurant, Bailey’s, in Park Road is a great success. It opened last month and is now the most popular restaurant in Thornton town centre. It’s smaller than the others and it’s definitely more expensive, but the food is delicious. It’s easy to get to because it’s near the bus station and the main car park in town.
The owner, chef Mike Bailey, worked in a big London hotel before he started the restaurant and he learned to cook from some of the best chefs in the world. He thinks the most important thing is to have fresh food – everything on his menu is fresh. He buys his meat and vegetables from local farms and the fish is from the River Thorn. Believe me – it’s all delicious!
My favourite dish on the menu is the roast chicken. It’s a traditional meal but the vegetables are beautifully cooked and it comes with a special sauce. I loved the desserts. For me, the best dessert is the chocolate cake with home-made ice cream. For people on a diet, it’s not a good idea to go to Bailey’s!
The restaurant is also well designed and decorated. You can see directly into the kitchen and watch the young chefs at work. They cook quickly, but everything is always perfect. The smells from the kitchen are wonderful and they make you very hungry! The service is also very good and quick.
Bailey’s is always busier than the other restaurants in town. Try it soon, but remember to book in advance. And don’t eat anything before you go!

1. Bailey’s is a fast food restaurant.

2. There are five restaurants in Thornton town centre.

3. Bailey’s is not very cheap.

4. The other restaurants are bigger than Bailey’s.

5. Bailey’s is between the railway station and the town hall.

6. Mike Bailey always likes to have fresh food on the menu.

7. There isn’t any fresh fish on the menu.

8. There is only one chef in the kitchen.

9. The meals arrive quickly because everyone works hard.

10. The other restaurants are always busier than Bailey’s.