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1. I’ve never seen __________________ fantastic film.

2. The operation was successful; ____________________ the patient didn’t get better.

3. You _______________ go home now. Your parents have no idea where you are.

4. I have never seen your new girfriend. __________________ ?

5. Since she is a receptionist in a hotel, she ________________ irregular hours.

6. This is the book ____________________ I’ve always wanted to buy.

7. Could you tell me _______________ to the nearest railway station?

8. Please tell me ____________ to his party or not.

9. I wish I ______________ have so much homework!

10. There is no point in __________ him for this. He wasn’t even there.

Read the text and decide whether the statements are true or false.

Visit Angkor Wat

Siem Reap is a small town near the world famous temple of Angkor Wat. The town is charming and worth exploring, with some fine examples of Khmer and French colonial architecture set among the more modern developments. Nowadays, visitors are flocking in, using it as a base for visits to the nearby temples.

A Carved City

From the 9th to the 14th centuries, when Europe was still struggling out of the Dark Ages, the Cambodian Empire of Angkor covered most of present-day Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand. The heart of this empire during the 12th century was the ancient capital of Angkor Thom, near present day Siem Reap, the site of the world’s largest temple complexes, which were rediscovered in 1861.This spectacular city was built over 30 years under the reign of King Suryavarman II (1113-1150). The area covers about 400 square kilometres and is full of the finest examples of Khmer art and architecture. Tourists are always amazed at the scale of the place.

In Angkor Wat you will find more than 100 stone monuments and temple buildings, each of which contains countless statues, sculptures and reliefs that have weathered extremely little over the last 800 years. To see the whole thing can take several days. The most important temples to visit in the area are Angkor Wat, especially at sunrise or sunset; Angkor Thom, the remains of the capital; Ta Prohm, a palace overgrown by jungle; and Bayon.

Getting a visa

Visas are required to enter Cambodia. You can obtain one on arrival at Siem Reap International Airport for $20, and 1 passport photo is required per person. You will also need another passport photo for the Angkor Temple Entrance Pass. Please ensure you take comfortable walking shoes, light clothing and plenty of water to drink as it is very hot there. The most commonly accepted currency in Cambodia is the US dollar.

11. Most people visit Siem Reap because of the temples in the area.

12. In the 9th to the 14th centuries, Europe was more advanced than Cambodia.

13. Angkor Wat was the capital of the Cambodian empire.

14. It took many decades to build the capital.

15. The stonework of Angkor Wat is in poor condition today.

16. It'll take a couple of days to see everything.

17. Dawn and dusk are particularly good times to visit Angkor Wat.

18. You must get a visa before flying to Siem Reap.

19. You will need a couple of passport photos.

20. The US dollar is widely accepted in Cambodia.